Milk Paint Workshops

On Saturday, December 7th, we are hosting our very first Milk Paint Workshop Launch!

The first 6 people to contact us will get a full workshop, for just $20. (See details about the workshop below).  All benefits of the workshop will be included.

(You must be comfortable to have your photo taken for advertising purposes)

Come with a small piece of furniture, and let's have some fun!

Side-of-the-road find - A French Dresser

 The other day, our neighbours had this little number at the side of the road.  Mark, with his keen eye, spotted it and promptly sprinted across the road to snatch it up.  I was less amused; the thing was a piece of garbage.  Let me show you.

White Corner Hutch

 It's been a little while since I've done a blog post, and the reason for that is simply this: I haven't finished any furniture to blog about.  I got this pretty little number done today, so I'm very excited to finally write a post :)

Silk Screen Buffet

 This week I thought I'd try something new - silk screening.  I had the perfect candidate for it - this beautiful antique buffet.  The finish on it was in pretty good condition, but the top of the buffet had a little wear and damage on it.  So I didn't feel bad painting it.

French Provincial Loyalist Hutch

I often drive out to Welland or Fonthill to pick up pieces.  The other night, I picked up two pieces from that area, one was this hutch.  I really liked the french provincial legs on it.  I thought it was simple and elegant.

Happy Halloween!

 In spirit of it being fall, I decided to do a very autumn colour on this piece.  I know - it's yellow!  Not a colour I do very often.  In fact, I've only done 2 other yellow buffets - ever.  I usually hang onto them for longer than the white, green, blue and grey pieces I do, but they do eventually sell.  And the buyers who buy them don't just like them - they LOVE them!