Grey Bird Dresser

 This weeks project was an antique dresser I picked up at an auction a few months ago.  Between doing some Christmas baking, playing with my new laundry machine and caring for two teething babies, I squeeked in some time for it.  I painted it a colour called "Nimbus Cloud" by Martha Stewart, and added a little decal on the front.

Antique Dresser Video

Today I refinished this charming antique dresser.  While I did so, I created a video tutorial on working with milk paint.  If you're considering trying milk paint for the first time, this is an excellent how-to guide that will hopefully make your experience easy and successful. 

Dining Room Reveal

    We re-did our dinning room a few weeks back, but I haven't had a chance to show it off - mostly because I haven't had time to give it a proper cleaning.  Well, this weekend all of my sister-in-laws are coming down so it was a good excuse to spend some time making the room pretty.

'French Enamel' by Miss Mustard Seed

 Today I was stuck sick on my couch.  My loving husband took the day off to help me with the babies, and do my usual daily grind.  He told me that if he was going to stay home, he wanted to work on a project.  I thought that was an O.K. compromise :)

Life With Twins

I don't typically write posts about my personal life.  Mostly because I don't think most will find it very exciting.  But as many of you know, in June of this year, Mark and I brought home our firstborn identical twin daughters - Caroline and Hannah.