Four Years

Today is November 5, 2019.  Our baby girl would be 4.

Today is not sad like it has been in the past.  The grief has settled.  And while she was on our hearts and minds all day, the day came, and it has passed.  I would like to share more of our journey.

Two Years.

Tell your story from you scars - not your wounds, they say.  Until this point, I thought I'd always write from my gashing open wounds.  But lately, I think I'm now almost coming to a place where I can look back and tell my story, tell it from my scars.  I may not be quite there, as that all-familiar lump forms still when I think of her, but I'm getting closer.

Downtown Dwelling - Front Entry

A year ago we made the big move to sell our country property and move downtown Hamilton.  I have moments when I miss the country, the peacefulness and privacy of it.  But we don't have any regrets, and found we settled quickly back into downtown life.

The Concrete Patio

As we wait for our permit to be approved from city hall for the addition we want to build on the back of our house, there are a few yard projects to do in the meantime.

Spring, 2017

It's spring.  Spring, has arrived.  After a long and difficult winter, we have made it through.  The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the backyard is a muddy mess.  New life has sprung.

One Year

As I sit down to reflect on this past year, I'm shocked that it has been, indeed, one year.  If there's one word I would use to describe this year, it would be 'full'.  This year has been full of sorrow, full of bad days, full of sadness.  My mind has been full of trying to comprehend, trying to heal, full of thoughts and memories.  But this year has also been full of so many moments.  Moments we have just stopped to dwell on and soak in.

A Steamer Trunk

Mark often finds these old, antique steamer trunks on the side of the road.  He picked up this one, and you wouldn't believe the surprise we found inside. 

Our Farmhouse Front Entrance

It's tough to find 'before' photos of the front entryway to our farmhouse, because there wasn't really a front entrance.  It was basically a hallway with a staircase coming down.

Apothecary Dresser

My husband Mark finds a lot of furniture.  He often brings home these vintage pieces.  The reason I love vintage furniture so much is because it's usually solid wood, isn't too old and is typically in pretty great structural shape.  And they are in plenty - probably because they are just so ugly.

Industrial Pipe Shelf

Today I thought I'd make time to do a project I've been wanting to tackle for a while.  It turned out to be easy - super duper easy.

Navy and Gold

In the past few weeks, I've been catching up on current furniture trends.  There seems to be a new phenomenon with the colour navy blue.  But it must be accompanied by gold accents.  

Rosalie Joy

My blog is typically about my latest projects - furniture, home renovations.  I usually include a little bit about my personal life at the end - a cute photo of our twins, an update on my pregnancy.  But now my life has been so greatly altered - so impacted - that I can't just continue to write about furniture and overlook these past life events.

A few pieces of furniture, and working on our house exterior.

Lately house renovations have been slowing down.  We've been focusing more on finishing up little details, refinishing some furniture, and getting the house ready for winter.

A Stenciled Stained Dresser

Summer is in full swing, and I find myself aching to get back from vacation to work so I can work on projects.  Projects for me are like a drug - I can't go without them for very long. I need help.

Two dressers, deocrating my new home, and summertime!

Ah... it's officially summer.  Time to string up the hammock and laze away those hot sleepy evenings.  Time to pack up the cooler with juice and salads and head to the cottage.  And time to get some projects done, of course!  Let me share with you what I've been busy with these past couple of weeks.

A Spring House Update

It has been a few months since my last update on our house.  I haven't wanted to share because so much of the project has been 'almost done!' for so long.  For instance, my kitchen has been 'almost done!' for over a month, but some of the cupboard fronts are on backorder, so I can't finish it until they come in.  So frustrating!

Pottery Barn Knock-Off Vanity

While hunting for a vanity for our bathroom on Kijiji, I came across a wild deal on a piece of quartz counter.  The man selling it was a contractor, and this piece was the wrong colour for his client.  So for $250, I got a beautiful piece of silvery-sparkled quartz with two beveled sink cut-outs, and two under-mount sinks.

And the demo goes on....

The demolition of our little farm house continues.  Last Saturday we had some help swinging sledge hammers.  It gave us a good boost.  The rest of the week we spent finishing the demo, and, well, planning.

A Work In Progress

Well, since many have been asking for pictures, I finally have a night to upload some onto my blog.  Warning: these photos are not before-and-after photos.  They are before-and-so-far photos.  There is nothing on this post worthy of Pinterest.  Just some shots of our beautiful mess!

Some furniture re-do's and a farmhouse update.

Christmas is right around the corner.  In a festive spirit, I refinished this beautiful bowed-front French Provincial buffet in a lovely dark green.