Apothecary Dresser

My husband Mark finds a lot of furniture.  He often brings home these vintage pieces.  The reason I love vintage furniture so much is because it's usually solid wood, isn't too old and is typically in pretty great structural shape.  And they are in plenty - probably because they are just so ugly.

Case in point.

No hardware, peeling paint, just blah and uninspiring.

The first thing I did was square up all the drawers using a table saw.  Then I ran each door front over the table saw to create fake lines (to make them look like individual drawers.)

Or, er, I should say, I had Mark do the table sawing for me.  That is one power tool I'm not quite confident yet to use by myself.  Palm sander, yes.  Flying round saw blade, no.

Look at our beautiful garage.  Truly 'shabby chic'.  Just without the 'chic'.  So just shabby. 

I sanded down the top, stained it, and painted the cabinet black.  The hardware I got from Hobby Lobby (in New York).  This store has awesome hardware.  I've yet to find such an awesome store in Canada.  Thank you, America, for your wonderful hardware.  I will continue to visit your country just to buy your hardware.

It's a true vintage card-catalogue inspired tallboy.

I know many of you are aching to see the buffet I refinished for my front entry way.  I'm happy to report: I finished it, along with the art work to hang above, and I will share it with you in my next post.

Until next time.

Play hard, work smart, eat well, savor life, and give your little ones an extra cuddle before bed tonight.



  1. You are hilarious, and so very talented. This piece is just beautiful!

  2. Very imaginative! You're soooo creative! :) TY

  3. Never would have thought to do this, but I love it. Great idea.

  4. This is awesome Jen! Oh to have a mind that works like yours - I never would have thought to do this!