A Little Kitchen Upgrade

 This weekend the hubs helped me install some shelving into our kitchen.  We have a pretty humble kitchen - the cabinets are older, and there isn`t a ton of storage.  However, the full kitchen reno isn`t going to happen for another year or so, so I needed to find ways to maximize the space we do have. 

Priceless Signs, Healthy Dinners, and some dissapointing news.

Next Saturday is the 3rd annual Priceless fundraiser.  It is an event to raise funds towards human trafficking.  I was asked to be a vendor, so once again I got busy and made some fun barnboard signs.  The great thing was, I had lots of help.  It's a good excuse to get together with some good friends, sip tea, and chat around the dinning room table, while we paint away.

Happy Valentine's Day!

 This week has been busy with Valentine's Day preparation.  On Monday a friend came over, and we did a home-made photo shoot with the girls.  It was challenging - getting them at their happiest time, getting them to stop squirming and smile.  But we managed to get a few.  Then yesterday I baked these festive cookies for tonight's small group.

Just Another Buffet...

 This blog post is just about another antique teal buffet that I milk painted.  It's lovely.  Very lovely.  What more is there to say?  I will let you enjoy the photos.

Master Bathroom Makeover

 Ahhh.... it's finally done.  I love our new master bathroom ensuite so much, last night I just stood there and gazed at it.  It's so romantic, so cozy, so personal.  It took a little while to do, but I have to praise Mark for getting it done.  Without his help - well, I'd still be painting the walls.

12 Weeks to meeting Miss Mustard Seed - Week 2

 We've been busy lately redesigning our master bathroom.  The bathroom was perfectly functional as it was, but it wasn't a beautiful space.  We toyed with changing the layout - adding a toilet, taking out the tub, and adding a shower instead.  But we really love our jacuzzi tub, and we use it regularly, so it stayed.