A Little Kitchen Upgrade

 This weekend the hubs helped me install some shelving into our kitchen.  We have a pretty humble kitchen - the cabinets are older, and there isn`t a ton of storage.  However, the full kitchen reno isn`t going to happen for another year or so, so I needed to find ways to maximize the space we do have. 

Over top of the stove, I just bought two shelving brackets.  I had some barn board leftover from my signs, so Mark installed that inbetween.  It`s more durable (and much more prettier) than the melamine shelving that`s suppose to go between.

I picked up the paint buckets at the dollar store to store my grains in.  I think they`re adorable!

 Over the sink, we installed an industrial - style shelf.  I can hang things off of it, as well as place things on top.  It really frees up my counter space, so I have more surface area to work with.

Another really small project I did this weekend was make some more bibs.  I find the girls want to play with plastic bibs and am constantly wrestling with them to keep them out of their mouths, so I created these bibs, and they work fantastic!  AND only cost .49 cents each.  Here`s a little tutorial:

Start with a regular hand-sized towel.  (I got mine at Ikea)

 Cut an opening about 3 inches from the top, just big enough to get their heads through.

And voila! 

I surged around the edges, so they won`t fray in the wash.  I also have similar ones someone made, and they sewed a pieces of ribbing around the hole, so it looks more like a turtleneck.  They work even better.

And lastly, what we had for Sunday lunch after church yesterday - a grilled veggie and goat cheese quesadilla with a kale salad with homemade dressing.

Here is the quesadilla recipe.  And the salad is just chopped veggies with a dressing my cousin Zeynep suggested.  It`s delish!  

olive oil 
apple cider vinegar
saracha (hot sauce)
maple syrup
soy sauce
grainy mustard.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Nice work with the barn board. I want to make a planter with barn board to sit on my front porch.