12 Weeks to meeting Miss Mustard Seed - Week 2

 We've been busy lately redesigning our master bathroom.  The bathroom was perfectly functional as it was, but it wasn't a beautiful space.  We toyed with changing the layout - adding a toilet, taking out the tub, and adding a shower instead.  But we really love our jacuzzi tub, and we use it regularly, so it stayed.

 This is an idea of what that corner looked like before.  There was a pedestal sink, ugly bluish grey tiles, and all this open storage.  We kept the top of the sink, and just inserted a lovely antique vanity.  The tiles got painted in a white enamel tile paint, and new dark laminate flooring was installed.  You will see the rest of the bathroom reveal next week - there's just some finishing touches I want to complete before I do the final reveal!

The colour is my Week #2 extravaganza of meeting Miss Mustard Seed.  This week, I chose her 'Kitchen Scale'.  It's a lovely teal colour.  This vanity was originally $400 at Homesense, but I got it off Kijiji (of course) for a mere $70.  Because we re-used the top of the pedestal sink, this entire vanity transformation cost less than $100.

I had to use a bonding agent, since the first coat flaked off almost completely.  Then I just distressed it as usual.  The trick with using the bonding agent, is to continuously mix it as you're applying it.  If you don't, there will be areas that flake off, and areas that don't.

And, as usual, a little snippet from my week with the girls.  In lieu of the Superbowl, I dressed them up in their Green Bay outfits.  I know the Packers weren't in the Superbowl, but they were last year, so good enough ;)  Besides, this is for their Dad.

Okay, they are cute.  I adore them so much.  As I type, they are bouncing beside me in their jolly jumpers, squealing and shrieking away.

On a home front note, I haven't been doing much painting these past two weeks.  Mostly because I am just busy, and when I'm not busy, I'm tired.  These two monkeys are a lot of work, and sometimes I'm afraid I'm missing out on their lives because I'm putting too much pressure on myself to paint.  It's a struggle to stay balanced.  Sometimes I need to just take a break, so I do.  And this is a time when I need to take a break :)

We also got a brand new nephew this week - Forrest.  He weighed 9lbs, 8oz, and came out with a full head of beautiful brown hair (of which I'm doing my best not to be jealous of!)  My sister gave me permission to post his picture on the world wide web.  There is nothing quite as miraculous and as sweet as a newborn baby.

Well my friends, stay posted for the rest of the bathroom reveal.  I promise - you won't be disappointed.  It's so lovely!

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  1. You can put Forrest on the world wide web :)