White Tallboy with Bird and Branches Decal

This week I got all of one project completed.  It was a busy week, but a good week.  I obtained this lovely little number off kijiji, and was excited to do a fun stencil on it.

Painting Over Honey-Coloured Furniture

I often come across people wanting me to give that authentic, distressed look to their Mennonite-made furniture - you know - the solid wood, 90's built honey oak furniture.  I've always denied the ability to do it, because when you distress a piece, you want the dark wood showing through the paint.  With lighter coloured furniture, it just doesn't distress well, because the colour coming through is light and not pretty at all.  

A Little French Dresser

This week I had a leftover graphic I had printed off, and was waiting for the perfect piece to use it on.  I acquired this adorable dresser from a lady in Caledonia, and thought it'd be a good piece to try it out.

Fall Mantel Display

Fall is my favourite season.  I love the crisp air, the change of seasons, the beauty of the trees, and the spirit of thankfulness.  We have SO much to be thankful for.  Lately one of the things I have been so grateful for is the country we live in.  Canada is a majestic, gorgeous, free country absolutely full of opportunity.  How blessed we are to call Canada our home!

Green Tallboy

 The latest project I've been working on is this tallboy.  I had originally refinished it using a 'dry brush' technique, and while it was a good learning experience, it didn't sell.   This piece is so awesome, I couldn't let it go for a small price, so I refinished it once again.

A Shabby Shabby Buffet

 Two summers ago, my friend Andrea and I spent a great deal of time together, renovating an old 1970's camper we found on Kijiji for $500.  During this time, she came across a dining set, and I helped her refinish it.

Sweet Pea Soap Company

 Awhile ago I did this lovely loyalist hutch, and the person who bought it from me back in May sent me an e-mail last night.  She wanted to show me the hutch displayed in her store.  Let me share the gorgeous photos with you.

Homestead Blue Corner Hutch

Being allergy season, my motivation has been quite sluggish.  I have to take these awful drugs for hay fever, and they make me super sleepy.  So it's been hard to find the gumption to get work done.  However, I did finish a few pieces this week.

White Cupboard Hutch

 I came across this lovely number on the St Catharines Kijiji ads.  I wasn't too sure about it, but Mark seemed to think it was a lovely piece, so we picked it up.

Graphic Image Tutorial

 A while back, I attempted a graphic image transfer onto a buffet.  It took a few attempts... but I finally got it.  Today I did this little dresser, and I took step-by-step photos to share with all of you how its done.

A Shabby Green Hutch

 Green has becoming more prevalent in my repertoire of furniture.  It's a lovely colour; very earthy, neutral, and stylish.  This little number came to me the other day, by way of a kijiji find, and I fell in love with its charm.