A Shabby Shabby Buffet

 Two summers ago, my friend Andrea and I spent a great deal of time together, renovating an old 1970's camper we found on Kijiji for $500.  During this time, she came across a dining set, and I helped her refinish it.

Why am I blogging about this now?  After the summer, she moved to Saskatchewan, and the pieces were put in storage.  The other day, her parents came by my house to drop them off, since I had said I'd sell them for her.

Despite my warnings about the frustrations of white milk paint, Andrea plugged away at it, painting it over and over again until it was covered.  I believe the last few coats were done by her fiance. 

I think it turned out quite lovely - expecially for a first attempt at milk paint.

It's a very 'vintage-y' piece.

I gave some love to the top and applied a coat of wax to make it more durable, and to make it shine.

Here's the hutch she did, in Acadia Pear.

It has some lovely detail on it.

And some fun, simple hardware.

Here's a picture of Andrea and I, working away in our backyard.  While we had fun with the trailer, it wasn't exactly a smashing success.  But that's okay - you live and learn, right?

At least we're still good friends, we had fun, and that's what matters :)

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