Fall Mantel Display

Fall is my favourite season.  I love the crisp air, the change of seasons, the beauty of the trees, and the spirit of thankfulness.  We have SO much to be thankful for.  Lately one of the things I have been so grateful for is the country we live in.  Canada is a majestic, gorgeous, free country absolutely full of opportunity.  How blessed we are to call Canada our home!
 I have the day to myself today, and with it the plan is to get some furniture painted, the house back in order, and a few small fall decorating projects completed.  I started with a simple display on my mantel.




As I was paroosing through Pinterest last night, looking at fall mantel displays, I became quickly discouraged.  I didn't want to spend money on decorating something that will only last a short season.  So this morning, I gathered everything I had in my house that was 'fallish'.  I piled all the objects in my living room, and from that I made a display.

I did go to Dollerama to get some fake flowers, though.  They had a huge display of fake fall flowers - all for $1.  The Mums I got from Home Depot (only $5.97 this week), and the pillow I made from scrap fabric, and used the form from an old pillow I had laying around.
 My Mother-in-law, (who many of you know owns a Christian Bookstore) gave Mark this plaque for his birthday a few years ago.  It was upstairs in our bedroom for a few years, serving as a (I'm ashamed to say this) door stop, because it's so heavy.  Well, I thought the bronze colours would look so beautiful in our fall display. 

Speaking of swords - here's a decor dilemma I've been grappling for with years.  Before we got married, Mark bought a sword.  It's an actual, 4 foot long sword - the replica sword of William Wallace.  Besides being an awesome prop at Sr. Youth Camp at Joy for Medieval week, I have no idea what to do with the thing.  It's not exactly kid-friendly.  I had it mounted on the wall, but many house guests expressed their concern of it falling one day.  Any ideas?

I took this picture to show our toy storage in our living room.  I don't want to deny the fact we have kids and need a place for all those big, ugly, primary coloured toys, but I also don't want our entire house overtaken by plastic.  This little cubby from Ikea has served us well.

I shared this video of my girls on facebook this week, and thought I'd share it here, for all you who aren't friends with me on facebook.  One evening I was preparing dinner, and I hear all this giggling behind me.  I quickly pulled out my phone, and managed to capture their play.

All things bright and beautiful
All creatures great and small
All things wise and wonderful
The Lord God made them all.


  1. Beautiful Video, one to cherish! They say twins create their own special language....Only suggestion I can make on the Ikea cubby is to put things in baskets...that kinda hides some of the business...or hook a drapery on it, or have your talented man put some bi-fold doors/shutters on it...love your work!
    Kris B - Michigan

  2. Your mantel looks lovely. You're so resourceful!

    And I adore your little giggle monsters! They made me smile!