Homestead Blue Corner Hutch

Being allergy season, my motivation has been quite sluggish.  I have to take these awful drugs for hay fever, and they make me super sleepy.  So it's been hard to find the gumption to get work done.  However, I did finish a few pieces this week.

Here is the before...

And the after.

My favourite colour - Homestead Blue by Homestead House Milk Paints.

I love Duncan style antiques.  They are so elegant.

The inside I painted white, so that whatever is in there will really pop.  Wouldn't it look fabulous with some white stonewear dishes?

The pulls are all old, antique, and authentic.

Tonight I was (once again) honoured to be a featured guest on Redoux Interiors.  I love linky parties.  Tomorrow is Friday... which means I will be attending my two favourite linky parties.  Party party!



  1. This is a nice change from the traditional mahogany, or other.

  2. The "after" picture is so beautiful. I love painted furniture.

  3. I bought a french provincial china cabinet from a small shop with the intention of painting it for a kitchen storage unit. The owner thought he was doing me a favor by applying some refinish product that would have been great 30 years ago but now the shine has me baffled as to how to paint it. It is huge and there are few flat surfaces so sanding would take me the rest of my life. Any suggestions?