A Shabby Green Hutch

 Green has becoming more prevalent in my repertoire of furniture.  It's a lovely colour; very earthy, neutral, and stylish.  This little number came to me the other day, by way of a kijiji find, and I fell in love with its charm.


 On the very top, is a little flower.  Isn't it darling?

 I had fun staging this piece.  I picked up these baskets from Homesense last week for a different hutch.  I'm quite enjoying them.

This piece distressed beautifully.  I painted the interior white, and left the decal in the window unpainted.

It has a nice little drawer on it, with a scalloped bottom.


The week before last, we went camping with all the Vanderherberg's.  We rented a cottage for the week, and it was a blast.  Here we all are eating dinner.  It was Mom and Dad's 35th anniversary, hence all the party hats!

Auntie Laura had a wonderful time spending the days with her nieces and nephews.  Here she is holding the girls, while William stands close by.

I was a little apprehensive about spending the whole week in a tent, but the girls were rock-stars.  They absoluetly loved it!

The only poopy thing was the girls caught a cold, and the week we came home was spent with two very sick and fussy babies.  Oh wait - make that three fussy babies - Mark was sick to.  This mama has (finally) acquired that iron-mom-immune-system, and I'm proud to say, I didn't get sick.  Good thing too!

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