The Littlest Teal Hutch

 I was able to turbo through some work in the garage this week, which felt good.  Today I stopped around 1, cleaned everything up so it's nice and pretty, and went inside to turbo through my neglected house.  Nothing feels better than when things are clean!

Grey French Armoire

 Today I finished the repurposed armoire I've been working on.  This piece went through quite the transformation.  I'll show you what it looked life before.

The Silvery Buffet

My storage garage is almost empty - which means it's time to do an auction again.  I have just a few pieces left - and this buffet was one of them.

A Refinished Dining Set

 A while ago I went to an auction in Mitchell, Ontario.  I bought more than I thought I had room for, so I had to leave this dining set behind.  Well, a few weeks later, I took another trip out to Stratford, and was thrilled they still had it.  It came home with me and became this weeks' project.

A Pinteresting Little Project...

This week we've been busy sprucing up our backyard patio.  Every Spring we purchase something lovely for outside.  This year, it was a gorgeous pergola.  Or tent-thing.  Whatever they're called.  

A Simple Armoire

This was one of the other pieces I finished this week.  It's an armoire, which comes apart in 3 pieces.  So convenient.  I'll let you enjoy the photos.

Christie Lake Antique Show

 Yesterday I convinced Mark to come to the Christie Lake Antique Show with me.  It was nuts!  There were hundreds of vendors, and thousands of people.  I had applied to get in as a vendor earlier this year, but was put on a waiting list.  Too bad... I think I would've done really well.  I want to share with you some of my finds.

The Loveliest Loyalist Hutch

 Loyalist is by far my favourite milk paint colour.  I found this hutch at an auction out by Stratford, and it was so lovely I didn't dare paint it.  But, I dug up the courage inside of me, and I'm so glad I did.

Happy Mother's Day!

This Mother's Day is a bit of a big deal - as it is my first Mother's Day ever.  I've decided to take a break from the furniture posts and write an ode to Mother's for this special upcoming weekend.

A Night at the Runway

Last night I had the opportunity to go to a fashion show.  It was the TFI New Labels Event - showcasing the 4 hottest up-coming designers in Canada.  My cousin, Defne, and her partner Maiko, were among the finalists.  Their fashion line is named "7/31", since they share the same birthday - July 31.  (You can check them out on facebook)