The Silvery Buffet

My storage garage is almost empty - which means it's time to do an auction again.  I have just a few pieces left - and this buffet was one of them.

For this piece, I used Annie Sloan Paris Grey, and then whitewashed it with Pure White.  I distressed it, then finished it in hemp oil.

For the pulls, I used the silver guilding powder.  So delicate, so feminine.  

If I were to use one word to describe this piece, it would be 'elegant'.

And the detail is so pretty!

It was a busy day of painting.  Mark installed the shelves in my converted armoire today, so I'll have that piece to share tomorrow.

Something I was thinking about today, is that working with milk paint and antiques truly is an art form.  I think there are many people who give it a swing, and if there's no eye for style or good taste, it just doesn't work.  So I guess I consider myself somewhat of an artist :)

I discovered they're much happier eaters when there's live dining entertainment.

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