Christie Lake Antique Show

 Yesterday I convinced Mark to come to the Christie Lake Antique Show with me.  It was nuts!  There were hundreds of vendors, and thousands of people.  I had applied to get in as a vendor earlier this year, but was put on a waiting list.  Too bad... I think I would've done really well.  I want to share with you some of my finds.

Above is a gorgeous cabinet I found.  Wouldn't it be the most fun sideboard?  There's a drawer for each pair of mits you own.  How fun!

We stumbled upon a very large bear...

And found this gorgeous buffet done by a store in Port Colbourne.  Next time I'm out that way, I'm going to visit for sure!  She seemed to be doing really well - in the few moments I stood there, she sold two pieces.

This was a booth that I would imagine my booth to look like.  It had painted antique furniture, displayed with super fun antique items, such as sewing machines, typewriters, birdcages and bicyles.  The whole booth was packed with people, so I couldn't get a better picture.

Then I found the very same bicycle I bought a few weeks ago.  They wanted $100 for it - and it was in brutal shape.  I paid $100 for mine at the New Hope Bike Co-op, and it came perfectly functional - new brakes, gears, seat, kick stand, etc.

Then... would you guess who I saw?  First I saw a camera crew.  I searched for who they may be filming, and instantly saw him.  (He's in the red circle).

See him?  Here's a closer picture...

It's Tommy Smythe, Sarah Richardson's sidekick.  Who's that, you ask?  Why, only one of the hottest Canadian design teams. 

Mark discretely slipped me one of my business cards (that he always seems to have in his pockets), and gently shoved me in his direction.  I didn't have the courage to ask for a photo, probably because he was yelling directions to his crew and I thought he might not want to be interrupted.  Sigh, because of my fear, I will probably remain a small-potatoes business owner forever.


  1. I LOVE that old librarian's cabinet! Did you buy it?


    1. I didn't... they wanted over $1,000 for it, and I just couldn't justify it!

  2. Yeah, they're not cheap. Beautiful though!