A Night at the Runway

Last night I had the opportunity to go to a fashion show.  It was the TFI New Labels Event - showcasing the 4 hottest up-coming designers in Canada.  My cousin, Defne, and her partner Maiko, were among the finalists.  Their fashion line is named "7/31", since they share the same birthday - July 31.  (You can check them out on facebook)

I've never been to such an event.  It started with valet parking, an experience this country-born girl has never had before!  I attended with my Mom and my brother, Steve.

(This picture is actually kinda creepy, because it looks like Steve has a super long arm)

Once there, we met up with my Aunt Maureen, and my cousins Karey and Bill.

 Aunt Maureen made a stick with Defne's face on it.  She's such a great Aunt :)

The evening started with an open bar and cocktails.  The room was full of models, judges, designers, and people dressed in show-stopping attire.  This is me and my cousin Defne.  I'm so proud of her!

They tried to get a group shot on the Flare Magazine backdrop, and I attempted to take some pictures.  None of them really turned out, but that's okay.

My gorgeous cousin Zeynep, (Defne's sister) was there, sporting one of their clothing lines.  I still don't know why she wasn't on the runway... she's drop dead beautiful.

I felt like I was with somebody famous!

You can check out 7/31's clothing line on their website.

Posing with the Aunties.

Then my brother said to me, "There's somebody famous right behind them!"  He thinks she is Gabrielle Miller from Corner Gas.  See her between Aunt Maureen and Zeynep?

None of us had the guts to actually ask her, so I guess we'll never know :(

Aunt Florence (Defne's Mom), in one of the line's ponchos. 

Bill and Steve were a little out of their element in a room full of dudes in sport jackets and bowties. 

Maiko and Defne chat with a judge.

Zeynep and Defne pose for the cameras.

And at 9, the show began.  We were in the balcony.

Aunt Florence and Zeynep were VIP guests - so they sat at a table down by the runway.  Here they are waving at us.

The show began with a designer by the name of Sarah Stevenson.  She took her watercoloured paintings, inspired by Dutch artists, and created a clothing line out of them.  They were stunning.

But, the best part of the show came at the end - when 7/31 was presented.  Each designer only got about 5 minutes of runway time. They each had a video blurb about themselves, then 10 models come and show the clothing. 

One of the models on the big screen

Knowing diddle-squat about fashion, I thought every design was absolutley fantastic.  They showcased poncho type jackets, pants, shorts, dresses and shirts.  Their clothing is free of zippers and buttons, and is designed to feel like second skin.  It all looked fabulous and quite comfy, as well.

The models were gorgeous.  Every last one of them.  There were some that I wanted to give a sandwich to, though.

Defne and Maiko travelled from Scotland to London for inspiration.  Their clothing reflects the storminess of the clouds....

To the silky sheen of the sun.

This is them taking a bow after their presentation.

And after the entire event - the 4 designers with 2 of their models.  7/31 is on the far right.

(Sorry for the photo quality!  I only had my iphone).

The first designer, Sarah Stevenson, was awarded a $25,000 cash prize and a chance to design a line at Target.  Behind her by the podium, in the light green dress, is philanthropist Suzanne Rogers, of The Bay.

I'm so proud of my cousin Defne.  The fashion industry is pretty cut-throat and competitive.  She made it into the top 4 designers across Canada, which is huge!  She has her designs in retail locations, and I know that this is just the beginning for her.  I'm not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination - so I guess I'm doubly impressed by the imagination and creativity that goes into her designs.

This is one of my favourite designs, called "I am a princess no matter what".

And just to mention - I made it into the program!  The girls borrowed my surger (or, the surger that I borrowed from my Mom).  I felt pretty honoured. 

And finally, a last picture of me with my girls before I left.  Hey, this momma doesn't get a night on the town too often anymore ;)

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