A Pinteresting Little Project...

This week we've been busy sprucing up our backyard patio.  Every Spring we purchase something lovely for outside.  This year, it was a gorgeous pergola.  Or tent-thing.  Whatever they're called.  

Well, as you all know what a Pinterest junkie I am, I found the inspiration for this lovely outdoor chandelier.  This is the inspirational photo:

And this is mine.  I didn't use icicle lights (because I think they look a little tacky - also because I didn't have any), I just wrapped 6 strands of mini lights around some pex water lines, crimped together with metal "O" rings.  (I've renovated too much).  Strung it up with some twine, and Wa-La!

It doesn't give off a ton of light, but does provide a nice glow.  So fun!

Mark built me some wooden planters....              

And this is us at Canadian Tire buying our pergola. 

I just love my dears.

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