The Littlest Teal Hutch

 I was able to turbo through some work in the garage this week, which felt good.  Today I stopped around 1, cleaned everything up so it's nice and pretty, and went inside to turbo through my neglected house.  Nothing feels better than when things are clean!

This is a piece freshly finished.  It's a smaller piece - measuring only 57" high.  Which is really fun, I think it's perfect to put some plants on the top.

It has a cute little door at the bottom.

Here it is, just tucked nicely in a corner.

Last night I found an armoire on kijiji, that I just had to have.  I sweet-talked my brother-in-law Jon, and Mark's friend Richard, into helping move it.  It was on the 32nd floor of the building.  They landed up having to take it apart to fit it in the elevator, but they got it.  I was happy, indeed.

 On our way down in the elevator, there was 5 of us jammed in with the top of the armoire, and it stopped to let in an old man.  The poor man was so frustrated from waiting so long for the elevator (since the other one was broken), that he just squeezed right in with us.  He had a dog.  Folks, it was tight, and being a hot day, things got sweaty pretty fast.

A blurry picture of the guys taking it apart.

I got out of work by holding Rich's little girl, who's 2.  The girl we bought it from had a little blue bird, and she was quite taken with it.  The most adorable part came when she said, "Daddy, guess what?  I met the cutest little bluebird today!"  So delightful!

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