Just a quick little post.

 There's nothing I love more than when my customers share their finished decorating project with me.  I sold this vintage armoire a few weeks ago - here is a picture of it sitting all lonely in my front entryway.

This Weeks' Projects

 This week was full of finding new pieces, and growing my 'for sale' stash in the garage.  It was pretty much depleated after last week, so I was pretty motivated to get some new stock.  The thing I enjoy most about my business, is that every piece is different.  I get to try new colours and attempt different finishes. 

Antique Blue Dresser

 Life is full.  Some may describe it as 'busy', or 'chaotic', or 'stressful', but I like to call it 'full'.  It is full of joy, full of work, full of delight, full of moments.  This week we worked on this little number we picked up at an auction out in Elmira. 

Barnboard Signs

 These lovely signs, which we painted for last week's fundraiser, were such a success, that I decided to start up an Etsy store.  You can view them for sale here.

Running your own Creative Business

It seems so ideal - working from home, setting your own hours, indulging in your creative side.  And while it is so rewarding - there are many things that aren't said about starting and running your own creative business.  In this post I'm going to run through a few pointers to anyone who is looking towards this alternative.