Antique Blue Dresser

 Life is full.  Some may describe it as 'busy', or 'chaotic', or 'stressful', but I like to call it 'full'.  It is full of joy, full of work, full of delight, full of moments.  This week we worked on this little number we picked up at an auction out in Elmira. 

The detail on this piece is fabulous.  Mark mixed some light blue milk paint with an off white colour, and the result was this lovely, modern greyish blue.

Oh - that's my kitchen in the reflection of the mirror!  Good thing it's clean (ish!)

On the business front, we've had two incredibly great weeks - tons of sales, lots of great feedback, and happy customers.  While this means great things (for our garage space and bank account), it means we now need to seek out more pieces.  I've been scouring kijiji ads, but haven't found a lot.  There are some upcoming auctions, and the best part is I've had a few friends offer their company when I go to auctions.  That would be much more enjoyable!

I was in Toronto today for tea with my sister-in-laws and mother-in-law, and on the way home, I swung by the Toronto Home and Garden Show.  I saw this lovely display.

  I picked up an old door from a man out in Flamborough last week, and I'm thinking I might try to incorporate it somehow into my garden.

My little ones are starting to crawl.  They are learning and discovering so much.  While it's so much fun that they're mobile, a little part of me thinks, "oh no!"  They keep finding screws and bits of wood on the floors - under the couches.  Time to clean - and clean hard!

I don't give them happy drugs - I swear.  They are just really happy kids!

I had such a fantastic week with them - going out for walks with friends, watching them play, taking them shopping, showing them off.  We had a few fussy spells, but at the end of the day, they konk out in their crib for the night, and I happily pick up my paint brush.

Ah... as my sister-in-law Laura says - 'Vida la Dolce'.  Life is sweet!

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  1. I love the dresser! What a gorgeous color. The girls are super cute, I love to see pictures of them. Life is truly sweet.