12 Weeks to meeting Miss Mustard Seed - Week 1

The other day, my sister-in-law asked me if I'd like to go meet Miss Mustard Seed in April when she comes to Toronto.  Of COURSE I would.  In fact, I got so excited about the prospect of meeting my mentor / role model / the-person-I-aspire-to-be, I decided to start a brand new blog series in honour of her.

The Waterfall Tallboy

This week I was hit by my fourth flu in 2 months.  Not fun at all.  Needless to say, it's been a pretty unproductive week.  But where I've been slacking, Mark's been picking up the paint brush.

I acquired this tallboy at the same auction I found that fabulous armoire.  As the auctioneer was helping us load it in our minivan, he commented, 'So, you're going to paint this thing a nice robin-egg blue'?  I laughed, and then thought, that's not a bad plan.  So, away we went.

Chippy Hutch and Porcelain Babies

 This was my begining-of-the-week project.  A gorgeous, chippy hutch.  This hutch is really chippy.  It's so chippy, it makes me chipper.  The thing I love about milk paint, is that you never really know how the end product is going to turn out.  I suppose if I had an A-type personality, that would bother me - but I don't.  Quite the opposite :)

The Loyalist Hutch

Loyalist Hutch
 To my great delight, my local milk paint supplier began carrying a myriad of new colours.  When I saw this light teal, I could hardly wait to try it out.  I found the perfect candidate for it - this stunning, drop-dead gorgeous antique hutch.

Help me paint my armoire!

I have been searching for this piece the day I started painting furniture.  I scored this beauty from an auction last weekend, and can hardly wait to attack it with a paintbrush.  The only problem?  I can't decide for the life of me what colour to paint it!

Side-of-the-road-find - My Victorian Dollhouse

For some reason, Sunday seems to be the day I take a walk down my favourite street in Hamilton - Ottawa Street.  Most stores are closed, but it's still fun to window shop.  Yesterday Mark came with me, and we carried the girls in their bjorns.  On our way, we found this adorable dollhouse, cast away on the side of the road.  How could I pass it up?

Surviving Auctions

Auctions.  You've heard you can score good deals at them, but have never had the gumption to attend.  They can be intimidating - there's a lot of people, the bidding goes up really fast, and there's a loud auctioneer pointing at you, stammering out words you can hardly understand.

The Purple Buffet

 Yesterday my friend Rachel was over for the day.  She has stunning decorating taste.  We've been working on reupholstering her couch this week, and it's turning out really gorgeous.  While she sewed, I tackled this lovely antique buffet.

The Yellow Tallboy

 This week has been a little rocky, due to Fifth Disease (aka Slapped Cheeks Disease) striking our house.  The girls have been pretty fussy, sleepless, and congested, but their cheeks are bright red which makes them super cute.  Mark found this little gem on kijiji, and decided (while I was upstairs, feeding babies) to go for the yellow.  Bold, I say!