The Loyalist Hutch

Loyalist Hutch
 To my great delight, my local milk paint supplier began carrying a myriad of new colours.  When I saw this light teal, I could hardly wait to try it out.  I found the perfect candidate for it - this stunning, drop-dead gorgeous antique hutch.

I found this piece, along with the matching buffet, on kijiji.  The original owners live out by Puslinch.  The set has been in the family for a while - it originally started in Burlington, moved out to Manitoba, on to Alberta, and now back to Flamborough.  Through all the moves, they managed to keep it in impeccable condition.

Sometimes when I get really gorgeous pieces, I have a hard time painting them.  I've really grown to appreciate beautiful, well kept antiques.  But of course, I have to make an income, so the paint went on.  And now that it's done... I don't look back :)

The finish on this hutch was pretty glossy, so I took extra care to sand it before I started.  As the paint dried, it did a beautiful chippy job.  For those of you who work with milk paint, you'll know what I mean by that.  Sometimes you have a piece where it hardly chips at all, sometimes too much, and sometimes in all the places you don't want it to.  On this piece, it was even, around the details, and in all the right places.

I do a lot of Kijiji shopping, and sometimes I have some pretty interesting experiences.  When I showed up in my minivan to pick these pieces up, Joe (the guy I bought them from) didn't believe I would be able to either fit them in my minivan, nor lift them in.  After about 15 minutes of discussing, rearranging, shuffling around, we got them both in.  He was a good sport, apologizing for underestimating my minivan and I.  Hey, I may not be super cool for driving a minivan, but that Alfie sure is worth her weight in gold!

The front door on this cabinet locks, and still has the original key, which I thought was so fun.  It has the original glass as well, which is so old it's slightly bubbly.  

Now, on to cleaning my house that was neglected yesterday due to this project.  Or wait.... do I hear that wardrobe calling my name?

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