12 Weeks to meeting Miss Mustard Seed - Week 1

The other day, my sister-in-law asked me if I'd like to go meet Miss Mustard Seed in April when she comes to Toronto.  Of COURSE I would.  In fact, I got so excited about the prospect of meeting my mentor / role model / the-person-I-aspire-to-be, I decided to start a brand new blog series in honour of her.

Since there are 12 weeks between now and the end of April, and since Miss Mustard Seed has exactly 12 milk paint colours, I have decided to do a piece a week in each of her colours.  This is inspired by the book / movie "Julie and Julia" - a young blogger makes all of Julia Child's recipes in one year.  In the end, Julia Childs actually comes to her house for dinner. 

I thought I'd kick it off with the classic "Mustard Seed Yellow".  This buffet looked like a good candidate for it.  In fact, the original owner said she had wanted to paint it yellow.  It's like it was meant to be.

This piece has a little drawer insert for silverware, which is a velvety purple.  It's just stunning with the yellow.

When telling my husband about my new blog series, he said, "I hope she doesn't think you're a stalker".  He has a good point.  I hope she doesn't think me to be creepy, either.  I just thought it would be fun.  Perhaps when I meet her, I'll bring her a hard copy of my blog series adventure.

And just in case you aren't familiar with Miss Mustard Seed, here's her button so you can check out her site.


On a home front note, I began my master bathroom redo last night.  Expect to see blog posts of the progress soon.  I'm super excited about the outcome.

 I look forward to having all of you follow me these next 12 weeks!

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  1. Super fun Jen! Looking forward to meeting her too. We will make a day of it.