The Purple Buffet

 Yesterday my friend Rachel was over for the day.  She has stunning decorating taste.  We've been working on reupholstering her couch this week, and it's turning out really gorgeous.  While she sewed, I tackled this lovely antique buffet.

I asked her opinion for colour, and she came up with the idea of purple.  Since Homestead House doesn't carry purple paint, I mixed up some of my own.  This is a 3-way combination of Cranberry Red, Homestead Blue, and Coal Black.

I was pretty skeptical of the colour, but she encouraged me through it.  "Remember," she said, "It may not be for everyone.  Just like teal isn't for everyone.  I like to look at your teal pieces, because they're pretty, but I would never buy one.  A purple one, I would buy".

It was pretty hard to get the colour accurate in the photo, so it stayed in my kitchen until this morning, when I could photograph it in the best light.  I'm still waiting for someone to offer to teach me how to take better pictures :)  It looks more brownish in the photos, but in person, it's a lovely shade of dusty purple.

This piece is truly 'vintage'.  I could see it being used as a dresser in a gorgeous purple and grey master bedroom.  Or as a jewelry display in a small boutique.  It's feminine, lovely, and very original.


  1. Love it and the colour I would buy it!:)

  2. I love it too!!! Do you ship to the states???

    1. Unless you want to pay a couple hundred in shipping... no. Sorry!

  3. It is absolutely stunning and a very "in" colour right now!


  4. It turned out stunning! Looks so nice with white or grey accents! You could put white and grey decorative pillows on top!