The Yellow Tallboy

 This week has been a little rocky, due to Fifth Disease (aka Slapped Cheeks Disease) striking our house.  The girls have been pretty fussy, sleepless, and congested, but their cheeks are bright red which makes them super cute.  Mark found this little gem on kijiji, and decided (while I was upstairs, feeding babies) to go for the yellow.  Bold, I say!

The paint was leftover from a hutch I did a while back, that sold pretty quickly.  

 It has beautiful features on it.  We decided not to distress it, and just go for a bold statement.

It's a pretty specific piece, so hopefully someone will have the perfect spot for it.  And hey!  We tore away from the beloved teal and tried something different!

I promise I didn't photoshop this picture.  Hannah's cheeks were actually that colour.  It's going to be a long night :)

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