The Vintage Wardrobe

Quite a few months ago, we picked up this piece from a guy out in Brantford who runs a business buying and selling on Kijiji.  Originally I thought it was spectacular.  As time went, I just couldn't envision the finish I wanted on it, so in the garage it sat.  And sat.

Finally, as the garage full of furniture slowly turned empty, Mark was searching for projects, and brought this one out.  I sighed, and told him he could have his way with it.  He pulled out the trusty teal milk paint, and away he went.

 I'm glad he had faith in this old thing, because it turned out quite nicely.  In fact, I think I already have it sold (after a few hours of being on Kijiji).  Success!

The crates Mark found while out on a walk in our area.  They were discarded behind an apartment building.  I cleaned them up, and I think they'll become a permanent fixture in our home.  So lovely!

On another note, I think it's time we tried another colour of paint.  I tend to stick to the teals / blues / whites / neutrals, simply because those colours sell well... and quickly.  I picked up a colour called "Spice" the other day.  It's a burnt orange.  I'm waiting until I find the perfect piece to try it out on.  Stay posted!

Taking a nap after a hard day of work

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  1. Aaah, what a sweet picture at the end! Your babies are darling!

    I saw the after picture at the top and thought it was the before and I said to myself, "it looks perfect the way it is!", then I realized it was the after, lol! Beautiful colour, love it.