Cotui Craft Fair - Sneak Peak

On Saturday, our church is hosting a fundraiser for the church we partner with in Cotui, Dominican Republic.  We are having a craft sale, and they asked the artisans of the church to set up tables to sell their wares to help raise funds.


 I thought, what is something I could make to sell?  I have basic crafting skills, but there is nothing I enjoy more than painting.  With milk paint, of course!

 On a tromp through the woods with my good friend Cheryl, we came across these old planks.  The idea of making signs out of them dawned on me.  I picked up a baby, and she filled the stroller seat with old wood.  Have I raved enough about how much I love how supportive my friends and family are of me and my ambitious ideas?

By using reclaimed wood pieces and bits of leftover milk paint, these signs cost me nothing to make.  Therefore, all the proceeds can go to Cotui.  Happy!

If you've ever visited my Pinterest boards, you might start seeing some things that look familiar.  Okay - I think I've breached some copyright infringements.  But meh, it's for a good cause!

 My neighbour, Jacquie, came over today with her little guy Parker.  He's the same age as my girls, and they all took a good long nap together while we painted.  Yes, I even have fantastic neighbours.  She's the same neighbour who dropped off so much food when the girls were born, it took us a week to eat through all of it (we're talking breakfast, lunch, supper).  She also sews, knits, bakes.... yeah... we get along.

So if you'd like to purchase a sign, be sure to come by the Church on the Rock building located at 2149 Upper James Street in Hamilton this Saturday, between 10 - 3.  I will also be taking custom sign orders - and 100% of all proceeds on these fabulous signs will be going to Cotui.  Hope to see you there!

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  1. They're all gorgeous! I especially like your first sign, lol!