Grey Bird Dresser

 This weeks project was an antique dresser I picked up at an auction a few months ago.  Between doing some Christmas baking, playing with my new laundry machine and caring for two teething babies, I squeeked in some time for it.  I painted it a colour called "Nimbus Cloud" by Martha Stewart, and added a little decal on the front.

The stencil on the front was accomplished by my paper-and-chalk technique.  I drew it on first, then painted around it, so the stencil is actually the bare wood underneath the paint.  It looks sharp.

The chalkboard was a little project - the frame I got at the same auction - I took out the oil painting, and replaced it with a chalk-board painted pieces of hardboard.  Fun little project for less than $20.

The original antique hardware didn't look awesome, so I replaced it with dainty glass knobs.  It makes it look more modern, fresh and pretty.

...and yes, I do believe, prayer DOES changed everything :)