Dining Room Reveal

    We re-did our dinning room a few weeks back, but I haven't had a chance to show it off - mostly because I haven't had time to give it a proper cleaning.  Well, this weekend all of my sister-in-laws are coming down so it was a good excuse to spend some time making the room pretty.

The piano was the first project, then lightening up the walls.  I like doing light, neutral colours on walls, since we won't live in this house forever, it's good for re-sale, and it makes these old house look bigger and brighter.

I found that little alarm clock at an auction, and the next day I found the bigger wall-version at Ikea.  I asked for it for my birthday.  How fun is it!  The bicycle was also an auction find, and the big bowl was a Christmas gift from my oldest sister.  The little white box was a tea box I found at value village, and it houses all Mark's pocket junk (you know, drill bits, coins, staples, small tools - anything else he can fit in there...)

The breakfast print was a Pinterest-inspired art piece.  I thought the print was so fun, I bought a 2' x 4' piece of hardboard from Home Depot for $4.49, pulled out some leftover paint (which I have plenty) and just painted it myself.  The dresser was a piece from my auction-savvy friend from Brantford.  I decided not to sell it and keep it as a small side-board.  It houses our table linens, painting supplies, and some toys.

The chairs were an auction find, and cost me $25 for all of them.  I loved the tone of the wood, so I decided to just re-upholster the seats.  I thought it would take me an infinity to find just the right fabric - but it was literally the first one I saw when I walked into European Fabrics.  It was a bit of a splurge - $32/metre, but what-the-heck, I only needed half a metre.  The dining table was my family's table.  My Dad actually made it - and it's gorgeous.  It's also stinking heavy, and my husband curses at me every time I ask him to move it.  My Dad accidentally cracked the top of the table on both ends trying to fix a warp.  Well that's fine with me, I say.  I filled those cracks in with wood putty, sanded that puppy down, and painted right over that.  Just like new  :) 

So, to break it down, here's what I spent re-doing my dining room:
Chairs + Fabric:  $40
Table: Free
Rug: $120 (Ikea As-Is)
Painting: $4.49
Piano and paint: $65
Paint for walls: Free (it was all leftover from a renovation)
Clock: $40

For a grrraaannnddd total of $269.49
That's pretty great, folks!


  1. Your dining room looks fabulous! Way to go! I loved our time together with the sister in laws, definitely looking forward to next year.