Antique Dresser Video

Today I refinished this charming antique dresser.  While I did so, I created a video tutorial on working with milk paint.  If you're considering trying milk paint for the first time, this is an excellent how-to guide that will hopefully make your experience easy and successful. 

I've never done a video before, so this was my first attempt at filming and editing.  I have so many tech-savvy friends - maybe one day when I become all big and professional I will be able to get them to help me out!

Below is a picture of the finished product.  My next step is to convince one of my photo-savvy friend to teach me how to use my camera properly.  Any volunteers?  I'll make you perogies!


  1. Great Video! I was thinking if you wanted to add a funny bit to the next one, you should get Mark to jump out from behind the dresser!

  2. Thanks for the video! I'm curious if you have to seal it with the oil, or if there are other options (such as wax?) I'm planning to try milk-paint for the first time... but I'm expecting.. and not sure if the oil will be safe to work with.