'French Enamel' by Miss Mustard Seed

 Today I was stuck sick on my couch.  My loving husband took the day off to help me with the babies, and do my usual daily grind.  He told me that if he was going to stay home, he wanted to work on a project.  I thought that was an O.K. compromise :)


He brought inside this gorgeous antique buffet I picked up at an auction a few weeks back.  We decided to give Miss Mustard Seed's French Enamel colour for a spin.

At first I thought the colour was too blue.  After the first coat, I examined it and proclaimed, "I think it needs to be lighter".  I just didn't think it suited the style of the hutch.  Mark sighed, returned to the kitchen, and mixed in some white milk paint with the french enamel.  He painted the top, and it turned a sky blue colour.  Even worse.  By that time, the original colour had dried, and I began to have a change of heart.  It WAS pretty gorgeous.

That wonderful husband of mine gave me just one glare, grabbed the sandpaper, and scrubbed off the layer of light blue.  He carried on with the second coat.

Unfortunately for him, he didn't give the piece a once-over sand before he started, so the crackle on the top was much too severe.  Again, I butted my noisy head in and told him to sand it and re-paint it.  He wasn't very pleased, but he knows I'm the expert, and I need every piece just right.

And I must say - this piece is 'just right'.

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