The Waterfall Tallboy

This week I was hit by my fourth flu in 2 months.  Not fun at all.  Needless to say, it's been a pretty unproductive week.  But where I've been slacking, Mark's been picking up the paint brush.

He was so excited to have found this on the side of the road one night, he got working on it right away.  I've never done a 'waterfall' style antique piece, so I was a little skeptical about how it might turn out.  It's gorgeous!

The colour was my choice (did ya guess?)

It's charming, simple, and multi-functional.  I'd love to keep it for toy storage on our main floor - but I think it's a bit too big.

For those of you who wonder, sales have been pretty good lately.  December was incredibly busy - we cleared the garage right out.  January has been a bit slow, so we're focusing on accumulating pieces and stocking up.  This week I have a few potential sales, which is always a happy week :)

And for anyone who may be disillusioned by my blog, this is what a normal afternoon looks like.  Yes, he is painting that thing in my kitchen.  Note the other buffet-in-progress in the front room!  While on the other side, I'm trying to get my babies to eat their bananas.  

But in the end, we get it all done :)

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