I acquired this tallboy at the same auction I found that fabulous armoire.  As the auctioneer was helping us load it in our minivan, he commented, 'So, you're going to paint this thing a nice robin-egg blue'?  I laughed, and then thought, that's not a bad plan.  So, away we went.

The original plan was to paint it dark blue, then white, then heavily distress it.  It totally didn't turn out the way I thought, but it's still super fun.

It's white with hints of blue showing through.

This was last week's second project.  This weeks projects consist of a waterfall dresser my husband found on the side of the road, and a buffet that may come out yellow.

My little monkey's both got their top teeth this week.  They are starting to 'baby talk', which is soooo fun!  They talk to their little stuffed rabbits and sheep, they babble to each other, and giggle and shriek at their Dad.  Simply delightful!

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  1. Hannah is so cute! I loved hanging out with you guys on the weekend. Looking forward to our trip to see Miss Mustard Seed! Love ya.