This Weeks' Projects

 This week was full of finding new pieces, and growing my 'for sale' stash in the garage.  It was pretty much depleated after last week, so I was pretty motivated to get some new stock.  The thing I enjoy most about my business, is that every piece is different.  I get to try new colours and attempt different finishes. 


This piece I refer to as my 'Vintage Hutch'.  It truly looks vintage.  We did it in a taupe, so it's not white, but rather an antique white.  

The detail on this piece is stunning.

For an antique, it's in impeccable shape.  It has signs of being refinished once before, so all the wood is in really good condition.

I was so excited to do this massive, antique sideboard.  I chose a deep teal for it.  It turned out awesome!

 This thing is SO heavy, and SO authentic.  The casters on the bottom are wooden, it's so old.  The pulls are pretty delicate due to their age, but I wanted to keep them for the character of the piece.

It has mad amounts of detail.  Took quite a bit of time to paint, sand and oil this brute-y!

Then, as business goes, I did another teal buffet.  This one is petite - only 4 1/2 feet long, so it would great for a condo or small space.

I love its' vintage feel.

Mark and I are strive towards staying balanced.  A way we acquire this, is through planning and schedulingSometimes I get pretty overwhelmed with the amount of work that comes with running a household of 4, and managing a business.  So lately, we've alloted time - from 6 till 8 pm - when I am able to work on furniture.  He puts the girls to bed, and I get busy.  The rest of the day I focus on house-y, mommy, and wife-y stuff :)

So this is tonight's 6-8 project.  I love this little piece - I think it's so adorable.  My sister's sister-in-law is a photographer, so I am doing this piece for her in exchange for a photography lesson.  Except to see awesome pictures next blog post!

Sunday is our day of rest, and this Sunday we went for a lovely hike after church.  This is me feeding Hannah in the van.

And after a busy day, I go in to kiss them goodnight, and I find them cuddled together.

They just warm my heart :)


  1. man, if we had room for that sideboard... LOVE IT!!!

  2. Wow Jen! You definitely have a talent and a keen eye for design!
    Ps. your girls are beautiful.