Grey French Armoire

 Today I finished the repurposed armoire I've been working on.  This piece went through quite the transformation.  I'll show you what it looked life before.

This was it before.  It originally didn't have the wood detail on the top - it was just a square box.  We took the top from another hutch that was really damaged, and fastened it to the top of the armoire.

This was my inspiration....

I also took off the sliding doors and converted them into shelves, and this is how it turned out.

The inside is painted white, the finish is Paris Grey chalk paint, by Annie Sloan, with a whitewash.

It still has the hanging bar, so the new owners can use it like that, if they choose.

I had fun staging this piece.  Mind the unfinished wall behind it :(

I'm in LOVE with the detail.

Well, that's all for today.  My Mom just came over and picked up the kiddos for the evening, so I have a full coupe of hours to paint to my hearts content.  I also have the opportunity to pick up some more pieces.  

Until next time!

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