White Cupboard Hutch

 I came across this lovely number on the St Catharines Kijiji ads.  I wasn't too sure about it, but Mark seemed to think it was a lovely piece, so we picked it up.

Here is the before and after.

The doors on this piece are rather unique.  Most hutches don't have solid wood doors.  

White is always a hard colour to do, since it requires so many coats.  I don't use milk or chalk paint when I do a white piece, I haven't been happy with either.  I use the CIL cabinet and furniture paint you find at Home Depot.  This white is tinted to Martha Stewart's "Popcorn White".  The trick is to let it dry for a few days before distressing.  If you try to sand the detail before it's cured, the paint will just gum up.

If this piece were going in my home, I think I would remove the doors to have open storage display.  I love the look of baskets on shelves.  These baskets I got at Homesense.

The girls are just getting to the age where they are dropping their morning nap.  Sometimes it's hard finding activities for them.  We often go to the Ontario Early Years Centers, or run errands, or find local play groups.  They love to get out.  Sometimes we just stay at home, and I find fun activities for them.  This morning I put little drips of water in each cup in a muffin tin.  They had fun putting blocks in the cups and splashing with the water.  The other day it was dried split peas and containers.  What a mess, but what fun!

That's all for today, folks!

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  1. Awww, their sweet little bums still stick out when they sleep! That's adorable! :)