Happy Valentine's Day!

 This week has been busy with Valentine's Day preparation.  On Monday a friend came over, and we did a home-made photo shoot with the girls.  It was challenging - getting them at their happiest time, getting them to stop squirming and smile.  But we managed to get a few.  Then yesterday I baked these festive cookies for tonight's small group.

I'll start the post with this adorable little number of the twins in a crate.  The photo was just taken in their bedroom, with a burlap bunting strung for the occasion.

It was a little tricky to get the kisses on their cheeks, and then get them to pose without smudging it.

All these photos were taken with my iphone.

And finally...

I'm going to visit my Oma today, so I made these cookies for her to bring to Opa.

And then of course, I had to make some for Mark's lunch today!

While I was baking, the girls were happily playing on a blanket on the kitchen floor for almost 2 hours.  Hannah started fussing, and I turned around, and Caroline had rolled on top of her and spit up her beet lunch all over her head.  Gross!  Poor kid.  So I cleaned her up and continued baking.  15 minutes later, it got really quiet.  I turned around and both girls were putting themselves to sleep.  So sweet!

Here are some mis-takes from our photo time - this is what the other 50 photos turned out like!

So busy - just wanting to grab everything!

When does the foot facination stage end?!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  And if you're seeing me at all in the next couple of days - you have a good chance of getting one of those cookies!

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  1. Awww.. so cute. I can't wait to see those girls again.