And the demo goes on....

The demolition of our little farm house continues.  Last Saturday we had some help swinging sledge hammers.  It gave us a good boost.  The rest of the week we spent finishing the demo, and, well, planning.

Here goes my kitchen.

Do you want to see my kitchen plan?  On the Ikea website, you can plan your entire kitchen.  It's so much fun.  My kitchen changes weekly.  This is what it looks like this week:
(view from the living room)

And another view... (this door leading to the coach house)

Happy news, we found some more original tin ceilings.  We'll have to figure out a way to restore them and reuse them in the house.
We also found some old newspapers...

Here is the great room last Saturday.


I usually edit photos or at the very least, sharpen the images.  There's no real way to edit these photos.  This is how it looks.  Ta-da.
Here's Brett helping Mark haul wood to the burn pile today. 
My evenings are spent pouring over little pages of graph paper, that look something like this.  Planning involves a lot of math.

We had some progress in other areas of the house this week.  The taper started upstairs, and the cistern was cleaned and inspected.  The good news is, the cistern is about 80 years old, and in incredible condition.  Yay - one thing we can cross off our budget!

On Monday we found some time to visit the 541 for lunch.  We have to sneak in as many lunches as we can before we move away.

Here's Mark being silly with Caroline.

And of course it wouldn't be a complete week without something unexpected happening.  Hannah and I got hit with some nasty flu bug.  Here we are, cuddling in bed.

And finally, my friend Janna was here visiting this week.  Last night we got to hang out, all five of us.  We've all known each other for almost 20 years.  Life changes, but it's so beautiful that we can still hang out together like we did when we were 18. 

Life is good!

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  1. Hi guys ... Love the pics of the house. I went through something similar myself. The one important thing I discovered about the great big old windows in my IKEA (well, half IKEA) kitchen was not to place anything up against them that was higher than the window ledge. First, because you don't want to have to remove the ledge. Second, from outside the unfinished cupboard backs will look awful. Third, you're in a bit of a mess when things plus food bits start to fall down behind whatever you've permanently attached to that space,because there will generally be a gap and finally, dollars to donuts, that'll be the one window you'll want to open. My other tip, because it was the best thing we ever did in our last house (and I'm going to do it in this one too) is to create a transom window that opens above your front door, even your back door too. You can open it inwards, held by chains so it opens as far as you want (also makes cleaning both sides so easy) and make a screen for the outside so no little buggies find their way in. Having it above a front door is so safe so no security issue (even at night) and if there's good cross ventilation to the back of the house,the cooling breezes are fabulous and cooking odours disappear really quickly. My two cents (oh yeah, we don't have cents anymore, do we) worth ... Best, Ellen Davidson ( the still proud owner of two of your French script dressers which are always complimented, btw)