Our Vintage Trailer

Exterior Before
Exterior After
After a summer of renovating, Andrea and I have finally finished our 1976 vintage trailer.  It was a long summer of ripping out paneling, trying to locate those awful leaks, and painting to our heart's content.  And maybe a few procrastinating breakfast dates at the Jet Cafe.

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After
 It was a TON of work.  We started when I was about 3 months pregnant, and now my babies are 3 months old.  We finally finished it last night.  I must say, I'm pretty proud of the finished product!

Dining area before
Dining area after
At the beginning, Andrea didn't know how to hammer a nail.  By the end, we were sawing, nailing, screwing and sewing experts.  Half way through we almost gave up and canned the whole thing!

Bedroom Before
Bedroom /storage after
Thankfully we plowed through and finished it.  You can find it for sale on Kijiji Hamilton for $5,000.  Hopefully we'll be able to sell our beloved Donald!