Miss Mustard Seed's 'Grain Sack'

Today I found that my local Home Hardware, where I purchase all my milk paint, now carries Miss Mustard Seed's milk paint line.  For those of you who don't know who Miss Mustard Seed is, she's who I aspire to be.  She owns a store, writes for HGTV, has a kick-ass blog, wrote a book, and just recently created her own line of paint.  All based around painting furniture.  Yes, she's my hero!

 This piece is a custom piece I did for Lori, the owner of 'Pure'.  She originally asked for it in black, and after one coat of black milk paint, I just couldn't go further.  The piece was too chunky and the colour just looked dark and bulky.  I asked her if I could try a light grey, (also known as 'Grain Sack') and away we went. 

I was so happy with the result.  I had the thought to paint the inside white, but once I was done distressing it, I thought the wood tones blended perfectly with the creamy tones of the piece.  It's definitely not grey thought - it's very close to the Champlain colour carried by Homestead House Milk Paints!

I've been looking for an off-white cabinet for my new dining room to store toys in.  I think this would fit perfectly.  I hate to part with it.  

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