Antique Commode

 The other day, I scored this little gem off Kijiji for just $50.  And that included delivery.  Sometimes I feel like I really score on Kijiji.  This was one of those times.

Mind you, this piece needed work.  A lot of work.  The top was not attached, one of the cupboard doors was hanging on by just a screw, and some of the veneer was peeling.

That never frightens me, though!  I got right to work.  My friend Lori, at Pure Organic Flower Boutique recently became a stockist of the Van Gogh Canadian Chalk Paint.  She was so excited for me to try it, she gave me a little mason jar with my favourite colour - this bluish-grey.

I used it to paint the main portion of the piece, then I hand painted the detail with some white to really make it stand out.

You'll never guess how I distressed this piece.  I simply took a wet rag, and rubbed.  It distressed just like sand paper would.  Amazing!

The top I sanded down with 80 grit, then 120, and finally with 220.  I re-stained it with Dark Walnut, and gave it a smooth finish with a wax.

I am so proud of how the top turned out.  Probably my best re-staining job ever.  The tiger wood grain really shows through beautifully. 

I think this piece is the perfect candidate for a vessel sink.

My favourite part is the hardware.  Isn't it gorgeous?

Today we are celebrating Mark's 27th birthday.  The birthday celebrations are a bit lame.  He's working all day, and I'm going to a shower tonight.  He didn't give me a birthday wish list, so he got new shoes, socks, and boxers.  I know, I'm quite the stellar wife.  At least I can make him a nice dinner tonight!

Happy birthday, babe.  I love you more than anything in the world!

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  1. I really love this piece, love the blue-grey color and the solid wood stained top. Nice job!