Chevron Fabric Buffet Tutorial

This was the little buffet Mark found on the side of the road.  It went through 3 transformations before I was happy with the result.  The first idea was to strip it down, and give it that unfinished, anthropologie-esque look, with a french graphic transferred onto it.  That didn't work out.  The piece was too water damaged and banged-up to get the look.  So then I painted it white.  I didn't like that either, because the dings all came through the finish.  I've seen the idea to use fabric to cover pieces, so I thought I'd give it a go.

 Here is the before.

I painted it white with my favourite furniture paint:

Here it is just white:

It looks nice, right?  Here's why I wasn't happy with it.  See all the lines and dings?  Not pretty..

Here's my photo of inspiration.  I've seen a lot of painted dressers with fabric stuck on the doors.  This is a retro-style buffet with fabric doors.

So fun!

I had some Golden artists transfer gel medium leftover from another project, so I used that to stick the fabric to the surface.

I simply smeared it on with my fingers, then stuck the fabric on.

When I was done, I coated the fabric with a thick coat of polycrylic.  It really cemented it on there.

I used the same method for the chevron fabric on the sides.

 I put twine around the edges just on the front side panels.

And that's that!

Today I am feeling pretty under the weather.  It's not fun.  Just plugging through my day, eating soup and sipping tea.  Hopefully the rest of the V-bergs don't get it as well.

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  1. hopefully not! take it easy:) great piece!

  2. Wow I love it!

  3. I'm not really into chevron,but this has me rethinking it! The colors of the fabric is gorgeous and it is so perfect on this piece! You did an incredible job!

  4. Yes, I agree with Susan, not really into chevron, but this is very nice, and looks much easier than actually marking, and painting it on....As usual, you did a fantastic job of it ~