Antique dresser turned vanity

It's been a while since my last post.  Perhaps because it's Christmastime, and the business of the season takes precedence over work.  In November I decided to quit until the new year.  Well, everyone else had different plans!

It is a blessing to have work.  Sometimes I need to remind myself of that.

The other day, my friend from church Tim Brand came by and dropped off some pieces.  I was super excited because of this: for weeks I've been hunting for an antique dresser that is exactly 3' wide.  Guess what?  This dresser is exactly 3' wide.

I got to work, stripping and sanding the top, sanding the glitter off, and painting the bottom.

This dresser is going to a design team from Toronto.  They have plans to convert it into a vanity for a client.

Painting the detail may look simple, but it was actually quite tricky.  It took me a few tries before I nailed a good method.

One of Mark's friends, Cody Greene, is a kitchen cabinet maker.  I asked him advice for how to refinish the top surface.  He shared his knowledge with me, including where to find the super fine sandpaper, how to refinish it without marks from the sander, and how to get it super smooth.  This top is the best I've done yet.
(Thanks Cody!!)
Well, that's this weeks one and only project.  I've been swamped with barnboard sign orders, which has been really fun!  I wish I could share photos, but I'd be afraid to ruin some Christmas surprises :)

This month I've been feeling big-time Mommy burn-out.  If you are a Mom, I'm sure you can relate.  I have the most awesome husband who is making it possible for me to take a little vacation for a few days.  I'm leaving tomorrow, and am really looking forward to some 'me' time.  I plan to check out some really awesome painted furniture stores on my way.

Merry Christmas, all!

- The Vanderherberg's

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  1. Pretty! It's my dream to have a dresser vanity in my powder room. One day!

  2. Its in my blood to refinish some furniture but I just don't know if I dare. One of these days I will do it!
    You make it look so easy. I love your tips….keep them coming. Happy Holidays!

  3. It came out really beautiful. If you want to pass along the tips you got for refinishing the top, I would be very grateful!