Official Homestead House Retailer

 The other day I received a phone call from the president at Homestead House.  She had great news - I've been approved to be a retailer of the paints!  Currently they are only accepting those with brick-and-mortar stores, so I was surprised I was approved.

To celebrate, I instantly got started on my colour board.  It was a bigger project then I originally thought.  I got out all my colours, put a teaspoon of powder in each glass, and got started.

I went to Rona, and found a piece of discontinued decorative molding - on sale from $17.99 to $1.47!  It was a long plank with little flowers along.  I cut it up in squares, so each flower is a colour.  Then I spray painted them all.
 I added water, whisked them all up, and began the painstaking and tedious process...

After painting all the flowers in all the colours, sanding them down, and putting clear wax on one and dark wax on the other, I was finally done.

Currently I just have 20 colours.  By next week, I should have over 50. 

Each colour is shown with clear wax on top, and dark wax on the bottom.

Here are some of my favourites:  

Raw Silk....


(Here's the artsy photo for all my photography friends)

I've considered asking for a better camera for Christmas, but to be honest, I enjoy the challenge of taking the best pictures I can with just my iphone.

Acadia Pear...

In this photo, you can see how I attached them to the board.  I simply glued velcro to them.  This allows people to take them off to look at them closer, pair them up with another colour, view it next to fabric, etc.

 My very first workshop is on Saturday.  I think it'll be a lot of fun.

I know I'm behind on blog posts when my Mom calls and says, "What's going on, Jen?  I haven't seen a blog post in a few days".  Here are some other things we've been busy with.

Need I say more?

I think by the time January comes around, the bottom half of those branches will be cut off, and all the ornaments will be on the top. 

A fun little Pinterest project for some outdoor decorations
(a barnboard sign and trees made out of tomato stakes and garland!)

Last weekend Mark was helping his family renovate in Peterborough, so I was alone with the girls.  We had a fun and busy weekend together.  On Saturday night, we went to the Canadian Pacific Railway Holiday Train at Gage Park with some people from our church. 

It was cold.  The best part was going to Alida's house for hot chocolate and bailey's afterwards.  It was quite... gezellig.  (Dutch word for cozy, warm, wonderful). 

Alida with Caroline, my big purple marshmellow.

 One of the best things about my business is that everyone is always giving me free stuff.  The other day Tim Brand dropped this beauty off at my house.  You'll see the finished product in my next post.

Until then!

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  1. Jen, did the milk paint crackle because of the spray painted base? love the look!