Antique Sofa Table

How much do I love gel stain?  Let me count the ways.  I don't have to sand the bijeebers out of the piece.  But it makes it look like I do.  The finish doesn't come out blotchy.  It's perfect, even, and gorgeous.
 This sofa table I also got from the Flamborough auction.  Mark actually did this piece for me.  He had a snow day last week, and I went out with the girls.  I came home to this lovely little number sitting in our front room.


The colour on the bottom is "Champlain".  You can purchase it here.  It's a lovely creamy white.

Mark brought this tallboy inside for me to refinish last night, but I'm having a really tough time attacking it with a paint brush.  It's so pretty.

It has quite a few scratches on it, though.  If it were my piece, I wouldn't paint it.  I don't mind a few scratches.  I posted it for sale - if I can sell it, awesome, if not, well, sorry darling, you'll have to be painted.

 Just look at the wood pattern on the drawers.  So lovely! 

Tonight my good friend Marika is coming over, and we are going to start painting signs for the Priceless fundraiser coming up in March.  Last year, we were able to raise $600 with our signs - this year, I'm hoping to double that number.  Better get to work!

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