Renfrew Dresser

Renfrew is my absolutely favourite colour of milk paint.  This colour is perfection - not too blue, not too green, not too dull - just a perfect pop of teal.


This gorgeous piece came from an auction.  It didn't look too hot before.

After I was through with it...

I kept the pulls in their original state.

To purchase this colour, visit my etsy page here.

Some pieces of furniture are better candidates than others for milk paint.  This one was a perfect candidate - it was so old, the finish was dull and bumpy.  This meant I didn't have to do any prep work - just paint.  It distressed the perfect amount for me.  The colours all swirled together wonderfully.  Here's a close-up of the finish so you can see how lovely it looks:

The wood grain on this piece is called 'tiger wood'.  It's probably called that, because the grain stands out in quite the contrast, much like a tiger's stripes.  Once again, I didn't sand the top down completely before restaining.  I simply sanded the varathane off, and used gel stain for a perfectly even stain.

I used a furniture wax for the finish.  For more information and to purchase it, go here.

In my last post I said I was starting work on signs for the Priceless event.  Here's a sneak peak on some of the ones that will be coming with me to the event..

The Priceless event is an awareness event for human trafficking.  There will be vendors, live music, and desserts.  For more information on attending the event, visit their facebook page.

And one last photo for you all.  If anyone is under the illusion that my house is full of beautifully staged furniture, here is what it really looks like.  I'm SO behind on housework today, and I thought that one half of the island might get in the photo, so I just shoved everything over to the other side.

This is the reality of running a business from home!  Time to go turbo through some housework before Mark comes home and says, "What did you DO all day?"  :)


  1. What an absolutely gorgeous dresser! Like you, I'm in love with that color!

  2. I agree--that color is amazing!