Sarah's Hutch

As you can imagine, I often get calls / texts / e-mails from people asking me if I want their furniture.  Lately, I would say almost half of my pieces I get from people I know.  This hutch came from my sisters sister-in-law.

I tried a new colour, called 'Cartier' on it.

 It's really hard to get the colour accurate in the photos. 

It's a light greyish-green, almost a taupe.

I like it.  It's neutral, light and lovely.

To purchase this paint, visit my etsy page here.

And, as per usual, my little monkey's playing so nicely together.

They play so well.  They are into role playing, dressing up in my clothes, and copying absolutely everything I do.  
 photo Signature1_zpsbcc8806f.png

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