Ah, it's been a little while since my last update.  Summer is such a busy time - we've taken a few vacations, been busy with scrap, the girls are busy little energy balls and sales are never very good in the summer.  So I took a bit of a break, but am excited to get some pieces ready for fall.

This is a hutch I completed today.  It is Renfrew Blue.  Mark found this one on the side of the road while scrapping in Oakville.  I'll show a few more finds with you later in this post.

Here is an antique vanity that I did in July.  I adore this piece.  If only I had space for it in my master bathroom (and extra time to actually sit down and primp.  Yeah... that will never happen.)  This piece I found at the Caledonia Garage Sale for $40.

A beautiful, double door antique hutch.  Another side-of-the-road find.  I'm starting to really like Oakville trash.

This week, Mark went up north to a cottage with the guys, so I was home with my baby girls.  I dropped them off at Mom's for a night, and went out scrapping with Brett, a 14-year-old from our neighbourhood.  He loves scrapping, almost as much as we do.  Well, while he was helping a guy (who told us he had a 55" flat screen TV we could take), an older couple came out and asked me if I wanted their Persian rug.  I said, "sure", not really sure if I wanted to take a chance on it being in awful condition and having to take it to the dump.  They helped me load it into the van, and when I got home I rolled it out.  It's in perfect condition.  Maybe one of our best finds yet.  The other guy landed up not giving us the TV, but he let Brett sit in his classic Porche.  Brett was beside himself for the rest of the night.

For a while now, I've been in the market for a new couch.  Our last couch broke on us, so I bought this sweet retro couch off Kijiji.  Mark hated that couch, because it was super uncomfortable.  I sold it, and we got this pull-out sofa from the Marriot Hotel here in Hamilton for $20.  I liked the size and shape of it, but not so much the colour.  So I've been hunting on Kijiji for a couch, but never found one I liked.  We decided that in September we would just go and spend money on a new couch.  After all, a couch is a staple piece, and you get what you pay for.

But alas, God knows the deepest desires of our hearts, and as I was out scrapping a few nights ago, I came across a beautiful brown leather couch.  I couldn't believe it.  I pulled over, and examined it.  The only thing wrong with it was some minor wear on the front corners of the seat cushions.  I knocked on the door to ask about bed bugs, and the family was so friendly, they helped me load it into my van.  They also gave me 5 kids bikes they had in the garage.

And this is how I acquired my gorgeous, brown leather couch.  The cushions are still firm and new, the leather is matte and in perfect condition, and this girl is a happy girl.  I went out a spent a few dollars on some new toss cushions.  (And don't give me a hard time about not sewing my own toss cushions - it almost costs the same and this girl is not a good seamstress!)

I worked on a mood board last week for my living room.  The linen couch will never happen (as long as I have toddlers and a husband who scraps) And I got a happy offer for my Persian rug, so the jute rug will stay.  But I'll still share the mood board!

 Here's a mood board I started for the girl's room.  In September we are going to get them their own big-girl beds.  I have one Jenny Lind antique bed frame, I just need to find another.

Speaking of my babies, here they are, on Canada Day.  The loves of my life.  The most precious things in my world.  And the cutest sight at the Canada Day parade.

In this photo, the only reason I know Hannah is on the right is because I can see her bracelet.  Otherwise, they look pretty identical to me.

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  1. It always amazes me the things you find on the side of the road! That never happens where I live. :-( But I am happy for you! BTW, I love the Renfew Blue color. That's just gorgeous.