An old record player cabinet, an antique bed, and a retro dresser.

I have quite a few photos to share this week.  After a glorious summer, 'back to normal' started for us this week, and I'm in full swing refinishing some lovely pieces.

This is an old antique record player cabinet.  I got it from Jessie Webber, one of our youth group kids back from the Church on the Rock days.  It needed love, and I gave it lots.
I decided to clean it up by painting it a crisp white, then transferring on a piece of French Typography.  I didn't have any French Typography printed that would fit this piece, so I modified this print a little.
The top of this piece had a veneer that was chipped and broken in places, so I spent some time scrapping it all off, leaving me with the rustic wood underneath.  After sanding it down, I applied a dark walnut stain.  It's super pretty!

And there she is, ready for her new owner.
Mark has been finding some lovely finds lately.  He found this dresser, and while he doesn't usually pick up the retro-styled pieces, this one is solid wood and in such great shape.

So I gave the top a sand-down and new stain, and painted the bottom Gaspe Green milk paint.  My favourite combination, ever.

If it doesn't sell, it may be my girl's new dresser.

The top was veneer.  I didn't scrape it off, because it was still in perfect shape.  It is possible to refinish veneer.  Just make sure you don't sand too hard.  This top came out beautifully.
And finally, I finished an antique double headboard and footboard I've had in the garage for ages. 

It has such a lovely detail on the headboard.

Well, that is all for furniture this week.  Here is a fun moment I captured while out one night at Emma's, in Burlington.  My brother's girlfriend, Rebecca, works there, so the family all went out to eat.  Later, we went for a walk and got ice cream.

That's right folks - I finally got a ponytail in their hair!  We're making progress!

They are starting to talk, and I find myself translating for 2 toddlers.  They both say words different ways.  For example, 'flower' - Caroline says 'fleurs', and Hannah says 'flowies'. 
They love their independence, but sometimes it's a struggle to walk with them.  While going for a rainy day walk in Bancroft with Mark's family, the perfect solution was to hold their big cousin, William's hand.  William didn't really look out for poles and people, which was super funny.
And while vacation was so lovely, I know life is good when I couldn't wait to get back to our lives in Hamilton.  On Saturday a group of us from New Hope biked to Caledonia and ate at a Thai restaurant.  It was so fun, biking with all these East-end scallywags!  
And just one more photo because they are so stinkin' darn cute...

Until next week!

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