Back to school... back to work.

A few weeks ago, everyone went back to school, back to their regular routines. Even though schedules didn't change in our house, it's nice that the rest of the world is back on a routine, and we can plan our days a little better.  I.e. get errands done before 3 pm!
Mark is still off work, still doing scrap metal.  Now that we are on our third month of him being self-employed, we are finding a good rhythm to our days.  It wasn't easy to find.  I'm a planner; my days revolve around nap and meal times.  Mark is on a much more relaxed routine. But we are learning to work together, and this season has been so good for our family.
This piece Mark found on the side of the road.  I've had it finished for a few weeks, however it was missing 2 of the pulls.  Thanks to ebay, I was able to find the exact pulls for $3.95.  They were a different finish, so I simply sprayed them all in an oil rubbed bronze Rustoleum paint.

The colour on this piece is called "Upper Canada".  I distressed it and used antiquing glaze on it for a true authentic look.  The top I removed the old peeling veneer, sanded and stained it.  It turned out beautifully.
I like the instagram photo filter on it.

I also did this charming little dresser in Loyalist.
And this fun mustache vanity.

My darling girls are getting so big.  They are really getting into role playing.  I showed them how to have a tea-party a few days ago, and the next day, as I was doing dishes, I found them repeating the experience with their lovey's.

And some evidence of all the mischief the get into.  Notice the bite missing from each tomato?

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